Love, care and help make a difference in this world.

Even a small contribution becomes a part of a huge change.




Together we can make a difference.

Help us fight against HIV/AIDS




Love, care and help make a difference in this world.

Even a small contribution becomes a part of a huge change.



Together we can make a difference.

Help us fight against HIV/AIDS

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The Red Ribbon Foundation was initiated in 2011 to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS.  The majority of organisations working in the HIV/AIDS field are operational in the prevention and treatment of the virus.  However, Red Ribbon Foundation created the unique “HIV/AIDS Aftercare Program”, specially designed for HIV positive individuals to continue living healthy positive lives. The organisation’s purpose is to create a platform to foster open dialogue about HIV/AIDS among communities.  This is achieved by the supportive structured program offered to HIV/AIDS infected and affected individuals.

The Red Ribbon Foundation Team created the event as an awareness platform to open the conversation of HIV/AIDS and create awareness about the issues surrounding the epidemic. This annual event currently in its 4th year is dedicated to spreading awareness of HIV/AIDS but more importantly the gala ball provides a platform for an HIV positive individual to tell their story.

This purpose being an opportunity to actively participate in the conversation of HIV/AIDS and ultimate to pledging your love and support to individuals infected and affected.


  • Provide support to people with HIV and their loved ones.
  • Provide opportunities for people with HIV to live healthy lives by providing the necessary educational and, nutrional and living circumstances resources.
  • Provide recreational opportunities to monthly support group members.
  • Provide telephonic helpline support to all beneficiaries.
  • Weekly feeding scheme to all beneficiaries


  • Host Bi-Annual education and awareness workshops that focus on HIV/AIDS awareness; HIV/AIDS education; sexual health issues and wellness.
  • Work with healthcare partners to offer HIV infected individuals recreational and social resources that will enable them to live healthy and positive lives
  • Provide educational programmes to community groups on HIV/AIDS education; drug and alcohol abuse and the implications on sexual behaviour and transmission of infections.


  • Develop awareness campaigns, provide information material, encourage media involvement and host workshops that will educate the community on HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections and sexual health.
  • Host two major annual awareness events, viz Igniting Change Concert and the Red Ribbon Ball that promote HIV/AIDS education and awareness.
  • Actively engage with HIV/AIDS partners to conceptualize Awareness Programs suitable to community needs.
  • Publish a monthly newsletter “Love Beyond HIV/AIDS Newsletter to highlight HIV issues, supportive resources and organisation news update”.
  • Participate in related local/national meetings and networks/associations in order to develop, maintain and keep abreast of HIV/AIDS related topics.
  • Provide awareness/educational information on our website and all social media platforms.


  • Provide outreach services to young people who are potentially at risk  of being infected with HIV/AIDS by hosting the annual Youth Day Event on 16 June
  • Provide annual outreach event on World AIDS Day at Harmony Clinic 
  • Partake in the  Annual Easter and World AIDS Day church services in Scottsville community
  • Ongoing use of technology to provide information on HIV/STIs on  all social media platforms.
  • Draft and publish leaflets, posters, brochures and booklets on sexual health matters for information and distribution to health clinics, monthly support groups, awareness events
  • Partnered with Diski Development to provide weekly soccer and life skills coaching to youth
  • Partnered with Dancemania to provide weekly ballroom dancing classes

The primary objective of the Red Ribbon Foundation is action in love. We believe that in order to achieve objectives, we need to first show love.


Cruden Alexander (Executive Board Member)  

Naythan Kayser (Psychologist & Support Group Facilitator)

Faghmeda Miller (Counselor & Facilitator)

Tasneem Davids (Community & Health Psychologist & Facilitator) 

London Louw (Current Red Ribbon Foundation Ambassador)

Salome Damon-Johansen (Former Red Ribbon Foundation Ambassador 2013 – 2016)



Our organisation is completely voluntary based and we rely on the generosity; kind spirit and open hearts of our volunteers to undertake the daily tasks of ensuring beneficiaries continue living a healthy life as HIV positive individuals. To our volunteers we wish to say that your contribution has contributed to the well-being of another; your time has afforded another the opportunity to become self-sufficient and your open heart has embraced with love beyond HIV/AIDS…

Thank you from a place deep within!