Blessed Beyond Measure

Red Ribbon Foundation calls him the right hand man, many call him the glue that holds together the longest-running club venues in Cape Town and many know him as the sparkling diamond that shines bright on a Club night as he greets you with the warmest smile. In reality, in the organisation’s working relationship with him the last 4 years, we found him to be the manager with the purest heart; the friend with the most knowledgeable advice and love; the entertainment guru with the best industry guidelines but most of all the supporter who has the HIV/AIDS cause at the very heart of his being! Sidney Oliver, as Westend celebrates their 24th Anniversary, our organisation takes this opportunity to thank you for your tireless efforts in the role you play as club manager. We have been blessed beyond measure with your wisdom; generosity and guidance. So today we say thank you and celebrate this milestone of Westend with you! Congratulations and May you be blessed beyond measure.